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A weekend in Saumur

Just like the Château de Saumur, the Saumur region brings out the soft Tuffeau stone, a myriad of castles and manors, sixty listed churches, the largest abbey in Europe as well as dozens of megaliths, a prestigious riding school, famous wines, kilometres of troglodyte caves and the Loire river.

A dream come true !

In Saint Martin de la Place

The chateau of Boumois....

10km from Saumur, replacing an earlier building which remains the dungeon, integrated into the new architecture the Chateau Boumois was built mainly between 1500 and 1546.

Castle Boumois is characteristic of a mansion of the late Middle Ages and the transition between Gothic and Renaissance, with the house and the two wings constructed at right angles bordering an enclosed courtyard.

Chack out the remarkable loft, chapel and the moat.

Domaine de la Blairie à Saumur
Domaine de la Blairie à Saumur
Domaine de la Blairie à Saumur
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